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Northern Virginia Tour: FISMA-High Data Center with 100% Renewable Energy

Opus Interactive serves as the Preferred Retail Provider for this purpose-built facility located in the heart of the world’s largest data center and network ecosystem.

Hillsboro Tour: Oregon's Most Efficient Data Center

Energy efficiency, as well as direct access to Oregon’s clean, inexpensive power, and Trans-Pacific submarine cable connectivity with Opus Interactive as the Preferred Retail Provider.

Physical Security for Mission Critical Infrastructure

A minimum of 8 badge swipes just to get to the cage level. Opus Interactive offers increased physical IT security to the cabinet level with multi-factor cabinet access with E-Line by Dirak.

Enabling Sustainable IT

Opus Interactive delivers sustainable IT at every opportunity. Climate-positive cloud, right sized infrastructure, high efficiency facilities and cage design, ENERGY STAR equipment, and net zero facilities.

Simplifying Hybrid Cloud with Opus Interactive

Every workload is different. We work with you to find the right solutions utilizing hybrid and multi-cloud services that meet performance, compliance, and budget needs.

Hybrid Cloud for Healthcare and High Compliance

Opus Interactive serves as the Preferred Retail Provider for this purpose-built facility located in the heart of the world’s largest data center and network ecosystem.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare IT

The healthcare industry is projected to add an estimated 4 million jobs by 2026. With the increase in jobs, demand for new technologies like hybrid cloud and digital health tools are also on the rise.

Hybrid Cloud in the Healthcare Industry

Hybrid IT is the new norm. The right hybrid mix disburses streaming, collection, compute, and storage to environments where they make the most sense for cost and performance.

Security and Compliance in Healthcare IT

Valuable healthcare data should be kept secure from geographic location to facility to network to people. Failure to implement resilience could be a matter of life and death.

Predictive Automation in IoT for Property Management

Reducing remediation costs and conserving energy in multifamily properties. Opus Interactive demonstrates how they’ve combined ScienceLogic SL1’s infinite capabilities for data collection and powerful automation engine with machine learning to make AIOps real today.

Predictive Automations and IoT in Property Management with ScienceLogic

What intelligent automations can be applied to production workloads today? Real-world, production use case that utilizes Machine Learning and ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform to drive new/expanded business opportunities & growth within the multi-family industry.

HPE Women of the Channel - Shannon Hulbert from Opus Interactive

Interview with Opus Interactive CEO, Shannon Hulbert, on improving STEM-related career opportunities for women within the tech sector.

OpusCloud Case Study

Using cloud to scale data accessibility. Whether users are interested in learning which cities have the highest gas prices, the best air quality, or just wondering which regions are the most wrinkle-prone in America, the answer is a keystroke away. With Opus Interactive’s cloud solution, Sperling’s Best Places has been able to scale to support a 200% increase in site traffic.

Colocation Case Study

Where do you go when your network needs outpace the capabilities of your facility? Miller Paint had reached the limits of reliability, uptime, and security with its on-prem solutions. They chose to colocate their equipment in Opus Interactive’s Hillsboro facility for its state-of-the-art power, 24/7/365 security, and unprecedented levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Liquid Development Hybrid Cloud Case Study

Hybrid Cloud Case Study

Scalability, high performance, and global collaboration. Global gaming content developer, Liquid Development, leverages OpusCloud IaaS built on HPE servers, storage, and networking.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Monitoring Case Study

Reliability and customer service for energy efficiency program delivery. NEEA is utilizing Opus Interactive’s AWS Monitoring Services to improve management and visibility of multiple websites living within different hosted environments and managed by multiple program management contractors.

IoT Case Study

IoT sensors, machine learning and automation solution for intelligent property management. Sensors continuously ingest, map, and analyze data to provide insights into individual units’ health, availability, and risk for building optimization. ML driven RBAs trigger unit fans on/off, shut down appliances and alert staff to prevent damages.

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