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Best in class cloud security across endpoint, traffic, network, and identity.

OpusSecure solutions provide the power of automation and machine-speed cloud security to help protect enterprises from cyber threats. Our comprehensive offering of software, automation, and expertise helps identify potential risks in real time and provides unfettered visibility across endpoint, traffic, cloud, and identity. Implement a fully manned, fully managed end-to-end solution, or augment your existing with add-on offerings to gain unprecedented control over your IT ecosystem while ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Load Balancers


Multi-Factor Authentication

Fully manned, fully managed options

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Opus joins best in class solutions with automation and experienced security engineers to protect your IT ecosystem.

OpusSecure combines manned Security Operations Center (SOC) frontline threat intelligence with incident response experience, proprietary forensic tools, and telemetry from endpoints, network, cloud, and more to shut down cyber threats.

Protect your internet network by filtering unknown traffic and blocking outsiders from gaining access to your private data. A firewall should be your first line of defense to protect your network and data. Without a firewall, you’re accepting every attempted connection into your network. Add Opus firewall protection to your solution to detect incoming threats, which could leave your devices vulnerable to malicious users without you ever knowing.

Distribute workloads and compute resources to ensure maximum throughput in minimum response time. Whether it’s website traffic, CPU load, network load, or memory capacity of each server, adding Opus load balancer services ensure your ability to support high-performance applications seamlessly, increase scalability, handle traffic spike, and harden your business continuity position.

Zero trust access management for all users, all devices and all applications, anywhere. Opus multi-factor authentication add-on enables you to ensure users are who they say they are, establish trusted devices, assign granular and contextual access policies, and provide appropriate permissions for every user access any application, anytime, from anywhere.