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Evolution and Connectivity

Evolution and Connectivity in the PNW Tech Industry

May 15, 2017

Panel discussion takeaways from regional experts representing JLL, Iovation, ScienceLogic, Opus…

Photo of datacenter infrastructure highlighting enterprise cost savings with colocation services

Colocation Cost Factors

There are critical colocation cost factors that influence overall spend. These can make or break your enterprise IT budget. From location to the importance of security features, bandwidth needs, and cost of reliable power – each element plays a significant role in determining the overall cost. Key Takeaways ● Understand factors influencing colocation pricing. ● […]

Photo of datacenter infrastructure highlighting enterprise cost savings considerations with colocation services

Colocation Hosting Pricing

When considering colocation hosting pricing, there are lots of considerations that can leave you pondering the best choice for your enterprise needs. Understanding the intricacies of cost structures and service offerings is pivotal in this decision-making process. By uncovering the nuances of pricing models and the value proposition they present, you can effectively assess which […]

Photo of man in datacenter depicting benefits of colocation services.

Benefits of Colocation Services

Are you wondering what the benefits of colocation services are for your business? It’s more than convenience. Enhanced security, increased connectivity, and scalability are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what colocation can offer. Curious to find out how these advantages can transform your IT infrastructure and elevate your business to […]

Graphic showing many paths converged into one with vmware by broadcom logo

VMware by Broadcom: Navigating VMware License Changes in VCF and VVF

The latest cloud services from VMware by Broadcom bring with them licensing adjustments to transition to a subscription-based model that may impact your enterprise. These changes involve the consolidation of all services into vSphere for small to medium deployments and VCF for medium to large deployments (with support for hybrid cloud environments). The table below […]

VMware location in California

Broadcom’s Advantage Partner Program: VMware Cloud Foundation Services and Choosing a White Label Partner

Broadcom’s Advantage Partner Program has brought about some disruptive changes in the cloud industry. After the November 2023 purchase of VMware by Broadcom, there is a shift in IT suppliers delivering VMware cloud and reduction in product SKUs available. The VMware Partner Connect Program comes to an end, effective April 30, 2024. A select number […]