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Enterprise cloud security considerations

Fortifying Your Enterprise Cloud Security in 2024

Cloud security is top of mind for the enterprise as we step into 2024. The digital landscape continues to evolve, presenting both unprecedented opportunities and, unfortunately, new cybersecurity challenges for enterprises. With the pace of innovation moving so quickly, staying secure requires a proactive and informed approach. Key Cloud Security Considerations for Enterprises Embrace Zero […]

International women

International Women In Engineering 2023

In celebration of International Women In Engineering Day 2023 we’ve compiled a list of FREE training…

Data Center

Understanding Colocation Data Center Security

A colocation data center, often referred to as a ‘colo,’ is a type of data center where businesses…

Cloud Security

Best Practices to Ensure Cloud Security

The advent of cloud computing brought unprecedented convenience and efficiency but also…

Multi cloud

Types of Cloud Computing Explained

There are four main types of cloud computing: private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and…