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Opus Interactive has a long history of providing top-notch IT solutions. It all began in 1996 when an IT division was formed in a creative agency and then joined HPE and VMware’s Partner Programs in 2003. In 2005, we launched the first version of our innovative cloud platform, the OpusCloud, and have been continually optimizing our security, performance, and sustainability ever since. We are dedicated to partnering and innovating for the best possible solutions.

Today, we’re a woman-owned organization with climate-positive offerings. Our tailored hybrid and multi-cloud solutions are available from Tier III data centers that deliver our customer workloads from coast to coast, with global on-ramps. As stewards to your infrastructure, we are committed to the advancement of sustainable hybrid and multi-cloud services and advocate on behalf of Sustainable IT, STEM, Women in Tech, and Digital Inclusion.

Opus Interactive Executive Leadership Team (from left to right: Brady Wilson - CTO, Shannon Hulbert - CEO, and Eric Hulbert - President)

Values that drive us forward

We're Innovative

Our customers are the center of it all. For more than 26 years we’ve fostered a culture of innovation, evolving solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

We're Inclusive

We’re all in this together. An inclusive workspace is our greatest strengths to collaboration that builds holistic solutions that meet the needs of a global community.

We're Honorable

We approach every solution as a trusted advisor. We strive for integrity, honesty, and reliability – with our customers, our partners, and our team.

We're Sustainable

We are stewards to our customers’ infrastructure. We take a mindful approach to the impact our solutions have on the planet and within the global community where we live and work.

Learn more about how Opus Interactive's sustainable hybrid and multi-cloud services can help your organization.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Paving the way for the workforce of the future matters. We’re committed to generating awareness for STEM-related careers in the technology industry and creating opportunities to increase the number of women in tech.

  • Advocacy: We serve as a resource in sharing opportunities that engage & motivate interest in STEM
  • Scholarships: We contribute to scholarship funds that promote STEM-related higher education
  • Speaking: We share our insights and career paths on panel and at events to generate awareness for STEM
  • Support: We proudly support 501c3 organizations that support STEM/STEAM
  • Events: We host and attend STEM-related events

Blog Post: Creating Opportunities for Women in Tech & STEM

We're stewards to our customers' infrastrucuture - committed to advancing sustainable IT

Our approach to energy efficiency is end-to-end. We begin by right sizing workloads so the architecture is consolidated and optimized – utilizing cloud computing for resource pooling, on-demand resources, and virtualization. We house workloads on ENERGY STAR certified servers and storage units and manage airflow using cable management and aisle containment that reduces the mixing of hot and cold air, optimizing cooling delivery. The hybrid ecosystem is monitored on a platform that incorporates AI and predictive analytics to gauge equipment health and provide continuous network optimization. Opus’ hybrid solutions all reside in LEED certified datacenters that utilize renewable energy, low PUE, and holistic efficiency practices of the facility partner.

  • Low Footprint Servers: When we shifted from traditional servers to HP blade servers, our primary “eco” benefit showed up as significant power savings of nearly 30%.
  • Aisle Containment: Server racks are oriented so that the fronts of the servers face each other. In addition, the backs of the server racks also face each other. This orientation creates alternating ``hot aisle/cold aisle`` rows. Such a layout greatly reduces energy losses and also prolongs the life of the servers. In addition, blanking panels are incorporated to further maintain the cold aisle integrity.
  • High-Efficiency HVAC Units: We use highly efficiency computer room Air Conditioning units that utilize VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), which allow air handlers to vary speeds based on IT to maximize efficiency and power usage.
  • Water Side Economizers: We incorporate HVAC adjustment that use the evaporative cooling capacity of a cooling tower to produce chilled water and can be used instead of the chiller during the winter months.
  • Air-Side Economizers: We utilize air-side economizers that bring outside air into the building and distribute it to the servers. Instead of being re-circulated and cooled, the exhaust air from the servers is simply directed outside.
  • Highly Efficient Data Centers: We occupy state-of-the-art data centers that are built to LEED Silver and Gold Certified standards. These facilities incorporate unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and control—including 100% aisle containment, and the ability to take advantage of clean power options.
Women in Tech

Women hold just 25% of roles in the tech industry. In the last 40 years, almost 90% of all information technology licenses were made by male-only teams, with women representing just 11 % of engineering positions. As a WBENC-certified Woman-Owned business, Opus Interactive is a strong supporter of women in technology.

Opus advocates for diversity, equality, and inclusion through hiring, speaking, sponsoring, partnerships, mentorship, and promoting allieship.

In a world where telehealth solutions, IoT, and online learning and collaboration are on the rise, connectivity matters. At Opus, we’re passionate about advancing connectivity and generating awareness about digital divide statistics.

  • Advocacy: We serve as a resource in sharing opportunities that engage & motivate interest in all things connectivity - from 5G to LEO satellites to subsea cables
  • Scholarships: We contribute to scholarship funds that promote STEM-related higher education
  • Speaking: We share our insights and career paths on panel and at events to generate awareness for what it means to live in the digital divide
  • Events: We host and attend connectivity events - from livestream webinars with industry professionals to attending NASA rocket launches

Our Code of Conduct

At our company, we have one core value: do the right thing the right way for the right reason. This mantra is embedded in our mission and values, and guides how we serve our 500+ customers. We partner with only those that share this standard, as it defines who we are as a business and the industries we serve.

Our Leadership Team

Shannon Hulbert
CEO & Co-Founder
Rick Boonstra
Eric Hulbert
President & Co-Founder
Jeff Howard
VP - Sales
Brady Wilson
CTO & Co-Founder
Map of Opus Interactive Tier III and FISMA High Data Center locations that offer enterprise colocation with security, regional, and energy grid redundancy.

Flexibile Solutions in Tier III+ Data Centers

At Opus Interactive, we understand the importance of energy efficiency, security, and dependable connectivity when it comes to powering your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tier III+ data centers around the world. These state-of-the-art locations are designed to provide our customers with maximum performance, reliability, and peace of mind.

  • 100% Uptime
  • On-Ramps to Public Cloud and Global Connectivity
  • Low-Cost Reliable Power
  • Energy Grid and Regional Redundancy
  • Remote Hands / Smart Hands support

Cloud solutions for workloads that require security and compliance.

Hybrid and multicloud solutions for technology and telco

Technology & Telco

Cloud hosting and colocation are the technology cornerstones that allow us to keep up with the digital age – from Virtual Offices to mobile devices, and even the Internet of Things. In order for these solutions to be effective, they need to be available, secure, scalable, and often require custom configurations to maximize performance. That’s exactly what our team provides – an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge solutions and reliable delivery.

Hybrid and multicloud solutions for Healthcare IT

Health Care

The healthcare industry is no stranger to challenges, be it compliance regulations or technology advancements. Privacy and security are also a top priority as roles become increasingly complex. Opus’ cloud and colocation services provide solutions that address all of these issues while helping to achieve cost savings and compliance goals. With our services, you can stay ahead of the curve and meet your financial objectives.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for finance industry


In the financial services industry, cloud hosting is revolutionizing many processes – from banking to payments and more. Opus provides secure systems that ensure your data is kept safe, while also enhancing performance in order to meet compliance standards. With our cloud hosting solutions, you will be able to upgrade your operations with confidence.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for Government and SLED


The Federal IT sector is experiencing the most comprehensive digital transformation in its history. To deliver greater performance, reliability and cost savings, while complying with security standards, 81% of IT professionals are turning to multi-cloud adoption as a solution. This shift is bringing about rapid changes and allowing agencies to benefit from modernized systems that are better prepared for the future.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for the manufacturing industry


The manufacturing industry is being revolutionized by dedicated IaaS and cloud hosting. Whether it’s the robotic lines of an automobile plant or the software used to track a small parts shop, this technology streamlines IT infrastructure and helps maximize efficiency and productivity. Our custom solutions are designed to provide businesses with unparalleled support that guarantees success in the ever-evolving world of business.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for education


Cloud hosting, colocation, and dedicated IaaS solutions are rapidly transforming the education industry, providing cost-effective learning environments that are superior in quality. From e-textbooks and online school management systems to communication/collaboration networks, these solutions have revolutionized the educational experience for both students and teachers alike.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for media and entertainment industry

Media and Entertainment

When it comes to producing high-quality, reliable content, fast and stable environments are essential. That’s why we create custom Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and hybrid cloud solutions that allow teams to dedicate their time to graphics without worrying about the backend side of things. With our offerings, you don’t have to worry about server reliability or performance issues, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most – creating amazing content.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for business critical workloads

Business-Critical Workloads

For your most important workloads, you need an environment that is reliable and secure. That’s why we provide tailored IaaS, colocation and business continuity solutions to ensure that your mission critical transactions and data never go down. Our dedicated solutions guarantee the performance, reliability and customer service you require for a successful organization.

A culture of innovation since 1996.

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Custom Solutions

We work with you to understand your unique business requirements and goals and design custom solutions that deliver.

Dedicated Expertise

Our team of experts is committed to working closely with customers to solve problems and drive business success.


We're experienced in the programs, systems, and technologies that businesses depend on, including SAS70/SSAE 16, PCI-DSS and HIPAA.


We’re proud to partner with leading companies that are known for quality and reliability to deliver products and services you can rely on.

Premium Facilities

Opus Interactive combines leading class facilities with our own highly resilient network to offer a reliable environment for your IT infrastructure.

Customer Experience

From CEO to support technician, our team is made up of experts that are dedicated to delivering what you need, when you need it.

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