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Career Opportunities with Opus Interactive

Teamwork makes the dream work.

We’re the keepers of the 1s and 0s – on a mission to help people achieve goals. We do that by building tailored cloud hosting and colocation solutions that pave the way for sustainable IT and the next generation of technology builders.

Our team at Opus Interactive loves their work and each other. In a recent poll, the top two reasons cited for working here were the amazing people and the opportunity to do a variety of tasks. If you have been searching for a job with great colleagues, an environment that supports lifelong learning, and allows you to build cool stuff – then we want to hear from you! Come join us as part of our ever-growing team and enjoy all the benefits of being part of this unique organization.

Currently hiring for:

Senior Network Engineer

Values that drive us forward

We're Innovative

Our culture of innovation has been driven by the needs of our customers. We are continually looking for ways to enhance and develop solutions that help meet our customers’ goals without fail. Our focus on customer satisfaction and the creation of value-driven products have enabled us to build a culture of innovation that is second to none for nearly 3 decades.

We're Inclusive

An inclusive workspace is our greatest strength. We recognize that everyone brings different experiences, perspectives and strengths to the table – with this collective understanding, our diversity becomes a source of strength. It’s what allows us to add over 400 skills to customer IT solutions.

We're Honorable

At our core, we operate with the highest standards of integrity. Our commitment to honor, honesty, reliability and trustworthiness shapes our approach as trusted advisors. We strive to uphold these values when interacting with our customers, partners and team members in order to develop effective solutions that are reliable and trustworthy.

We're Sustainable

We are stewards to our customers’ infrastructure. As stewards, we strive to ensure our solutions are built with a mindful approach – one that is conscious of the impact it has on the planet and global community. From production to long-term resource management strategies, we create sustainable solutions.

Battle-Tested Since 1996.

2023 Code of Conduct

2023 Opus Code of Conduct

Since our humble start as an IT department in 1996, we have served as the trusted advisor to over 500 customers with one guiding principle, one standard – Do the right thing the right way for the right reason. It’s the Opus Standard. Our mission, values, and approach to service delivery echoes this standard and makes up who we are as a company, who we partner with, and the industries we serve.

Our Leadership

Shannon Hulbert
CEO & Co-Founder
Rick Boonstra
Eric Hulbert
President & Co-Founder
Jeff Howard
VP - Sales
Brady Wilson
CTO & Co-Founder