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Visualize, monitor, and optimize using one platform.

The OpusMonitoring service is fully manned and fully managed. End-to-end visibility of all your workloads and dependencies across on prem, network, public cloud, private cloud, applications, and devices. Experienced engineers pair with advanced automation to analyze health and performance of your ecosystem and make informed recommendations that keep you up and optimized.

Visualize availability, dependencies, performance, configuration, and capacity

Fully manned, fully managed

Access telemetry data from 180 APIs and more than 5000 devices

Single-pane visibility using best in class software

End-to-end optimization for hybrid and multi-cloud

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Single-pane visibility, automation, and experienced engineers keep your hybrid and multi-cloud environments optimized.


What’s Currently Running in Your Private Cloud?
Things dynamically change in your private cloud so you need visibility to self-serve. Our platform provides a current view of resources running in your environment so you have access to accurate performance data.

Prevent Unused Capacity
Pinpoint which resources are not being used. Decommission or move things around to eliminate resource congestion. Visibility across the network means you can address performance issues faster than before.

Use One Platform for It All
A single solution to automate discovery of your private and public cloud. You only need one platform and one skill set to manage your entire infrastructure. You also save time on new deployments because you can configure monitoring with our technology.

Do You Know Everything in Your Public Cloud?
Your public cloud is constantly expanding. It is easy to lose track of everything you have—and everything you are paying for. We discover all your clouds so you optimize resources and evaluate ROI on your investments.

Manage What You Move Around
No matter where the cloud is running—whether it is a platform as a service, infrastructure, or applications—our platform allows you to move things around and best manage your resources.

Support Any Public Cloud
It doesn’t matter what public cloud you have. We support the major players and are flexible enough to extend support to others.

How Easily Can You Move Things Around?
Beyond seeing everything in your cloud, you need the flexibility to move workloads around easier and faster. Even if something is running on-prem, our platform allows you to move it to any cloud and still manage that resource.

Learn One Tool for Staff Efficiency
Once we train your staff, they can apply those skills to manage your entire network. Our solution also provides built-in automation so staff focus on higher value work. The technology integrates with your environment to run mundane tasks.

Change Direction If You Want To
You are not locked into using one vendor for all time. For instance, if you are using Azure Stacks and Azure, we’ve got you covered.

What’s on-prem, off-prem, and in the cloud?
Visualize all your IT workloads from a single platform. Even if something is running on-prem, our platform allows you to move it to any cloud and still manage that resource.

Global platform through a single pane of glass
Real-time views from whereever you are in the world. Monitor local and global resources to ensure optimization, performance and cost savings.

Monitoring for all your clouds, networks, equipment, applications, and devices in a single pane

Full observability and fast remediation.

  • Begin monitoring immediately
  • View all public cloud resources, regardless of vendor, region, or zone
  • Fast remediation and drill down
  • Map dependencies across the ecosystem
  • Comprehensive monitoring of health and performance
  • Continuous optimization and compared performance over time
  • Customize automated alerts on performance exceptions, configuration changes, and resource status

Discover & Map All of Your Public Cloud Services & Infrastrucure

Automatically discover and keep track of changes in your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Keep up-to-date about your IT ecosystem resources as they are added and removed
  • Visualize any dependencies across technologies and vendors in the cloud and on-premises
  • Use tags to automatically organize assets by function, group, app, or any other business logic (e.g. production, QA, Dev) for even more precise management oversight

aws map

Compile telemetry data and management tasks from multiple native monitoring applications into a single platform view.

As hybrid and multi-cloud strategies are adopted, the endpoints in the IT ecosystem grow and overall solutions get increasingly more complex. Your
multi-cloud strategy that includes Azure, AWS, and VMware each have native portals that limit visibility to the platform. OpusMonitoring allows your team to make informed decisions based on recommendations by experienced engineers using holistic usage trends and reporting that ensure your systems

product vendor

Visualize and Remediate Issues Quickly

Clear visibility into your collective ecosystem and inter-dependencies, improves mean time to resolution over opening native applications with limited insights to a single environment.

  • Easily navigate relationships across clouds, on-prem infrastructure, and apps to speed problem resolution and ensure optimal performance
  • Get as granular as you need to, visualizing every aspect of your AWS deployment
  • Proactively detect and be alerted on configuration changes and performance issues
  • Avoid finger-pointing and reduce MTTR for critical business services
  • Utilize runbook automation for immediate response to performance or availability degradation as well as configuration changes

aws troubleshoot