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Dallas Data Center
Full Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Support
by Opus Interactive

Purpose-built for premium connectivity, compliance, and efficiency.

This formal Federal Reserve site is Tier III+ FISMA-High rated and designed to meet the highest security and compliance requirements. Designated as one of Dallas’ carrier hotels, the site offers easy access to over 90+ carriers in the area including the proprietary DWDM ring as well as on-ramps to public cloud providers.

  • 28.8 MW Capacity
  • 130,000 Sq. Ft
  • 100% Uptime
  • AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute
  • Access to over 90+ carriers
  • End-to-end hybrid cloud solutions

With 8 badge swipes just to reach the cage layer, Opus Interactive offers a tailored full suite of services to enable your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies from this world class Facility.

Central Region Data Centers and Colocation with Opus Interactive includes flexibility, connectivity, and the utmost security.

Ask about Dallas high performance hybrid cloud solutions from this facility today!

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Opus Interactive brings tailored hybrid and multi-cloud services for mission critical workloads to this location. With more than 26 years of proven reliability, and full solutions support in Eastern and Western regions, you’ll get services built to improve performance, increase security, and lower your costs – backed by SLAs.

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Hybrid IT

Let Opus enable your hybrid and multi-cloud solutions inside of this world class data center. Whether you’re looking for dedicated IaaS, backup or rolling out a full hybrid cloud strategy, our team of experts will ensure you get what you need.

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IaaS and OpusCloud

Tailored solutions with predictable costs – built for critical high compliance, high performance workloads. Multi-tenant and dedicated IaaS solutions built for cost control, high security, high-compliance, and reliable performance.

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Backup & Continuity

Empower your business continuity with customized backup solutions to fit the restoration needs of any workload with fully customizable RTO and RPO.

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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Monitor and manage your entire IT ecosystem from anywhere with this single-pane interface. DISA-approved monitoring with full hybrid and multi-cloud support from underlying physical infrastructure through application, on-prem through public cloud infrastructure.

Empower your business growth and continuity with flexible colocation and data center solutions - designed with the most critical of workloads in mind.

Map of Opus Interactive Tier III and FISMA High Data Center locations that offer enterprise colocation with security, regional, and energy grid redundancy.

Premium Data Centers

Opus Interactive’s backup solutions are delivered from state-of-the-art data centers located in separate geographies. Our stringent site selection is in place to ensure each facility delivers unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, security, and reliable connectivity resulting in cost-savings and peace of mind for our customers.

  • 100% Uptime
  • Tier III+ Rated Facilities
  • Public Cloud Onramps and Interoperability
  • Low-Cost Reliable Power
  • High Security and Compliance
  • Energy Grid & Regional Redundancy
  • Premium Network Connectivity
  • Expansion Potential
  • Cloud Absorption Markets