International Women In Engineering 2023

In celebration of International Women In Engineering Day 2023 we’ve compiled a list of FREE training resources to systems and network engineering careers. At Opus Interactive, connecting people with technology is our mission. In that pursuit, we passionately advocate for providing more opportunity for women in the space. This is important because, despite making up more than have of the workforce, just 24.2% of bachelor’s […]

Best Practices to Ensure Cloud Security

The advent of cloud computing brought unprecedented convenience and efficiency but also highlighted the necessity for robust cloud security frameworks. Many businesses grapple with concerns over entrusting their data and applications to third-party platforms, coupled with fears about potential security risks of internet data transmission. Netwrix’s 2022 Cloud Data Security report revealed that 53% of organizations had faced an attack on their cloud systems in […]

Types of Cloud Computing Explained

There are four main types of cloud computing: private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. So, what are each of these clouds, and how will they help you? Choosing a cloud type or cloud service for your business is a unique decision. No two clouds are the same (even if they’re the same type), and no two cloud services are used to solve the […]

What is Dedicated IaaS? Everything You Need to Know.

Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud delivery model that provides on-demand computing resources over the Internet, including networking, storage, and other infrastructural components. Before IaaS, businesses would have to purchase and maintain their hardware and software for their computing needs. But now, dedicated IaaS allows users to develop, grow, and scale without buying and maintaining any physical hardware. The power and flexibility […]

Guide to Multi-Cloud Strategies

Multi-cloud strategies encompasses when your data is stored across cloud platforms that meet the performance, compliance, and latency needs of your workloads, you can achieve a level of security and reliability that you hadn’t before. We’re talking about multi-cloud strategies. And while these strategies are more complex than cloud hosting with a single provider or platform, they provide so many benefits that we’d be remiss […]

Evolution and Connectivity in the PNW Tech Industry

Panel discussion takeaways from regional experts representing JLL, Iovation, ScienceLogic, Opus Interactive, Infomart, and EdgeConnex.  End users demand seamless connectivity. New technologies are being adopted by the enterprise to streamline delivery of workloads, products, and services in the fastest, most efficient ways possible. Innovation bridges people, places, and things by incorporating everything from edge computing, to peering networks, to hybrid cloud, to hyperscale clouds, to […]