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Women-Owned Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Provider Expands Sustainable IT Commitment


HILLSBORO, OR – Opus Interactive, a leading provider of hybrid and multi-cloud hosting services, today announced the launch of its climate-positive cloud hosting. The Portland-based company goes beyond achieving carbon-neutral to create an environmental benefit by offsetting emissions equivalent to the energy use of its OpusCloud product and footprint in Oregon, Northern Virginia, and Dallas data centers. This achievement reinforces Opus Interactive’s ongoing commitment to sustainable IT. The purpose-driven cloud provider is committed to advancing women in tech, digital inclusion, STEM, and sustainable IT.

To achieve its climate-positive operations, the company balances emissions from data centers and cloud computing by pairing 100% renewables and carbon offsets. Data center partners are chosen following stringent site selection guidelines that include use of 100% renewable energy in facilities or, like STACK Infrastructure’s OnePurpose initiative, have made the commitment to achieve 100% by year’s end. In addition to operating in carbon-neutral facilities, the company purchases carbon offsets equivalent to over 100% of emissions from energy consumption of the OpusCloud, and its data center locations.

“As a long-time data center partner, we’re excited to see Opus’ commitment to sustainable IT continue to evolve.” said STACK Chief Strategy Officer Matthew VanderZanden. “Efforts from cloud providers and data center operators are driving energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption across the globe. And we’re excited to help accelerate the industry’s march toward more sustainable data center development and operation.”

The company worked with a leading global provider of climate solutions, 3Degrees, to purchase offsets from the Winston Creek Forest Carbon Project, located in Lewis County, Washington. The improved forest management project was selected for its social and environmental benefits. Exhibiting responsible forestry, the project harvests less than 1.5% of the acreage each year, exceeding industry averages and creates long-term sustainable forest management that adds nearly two additional decades of carbon sequestering and improved air quality to the region. Along with strict environmental guidelines governing habitat and water standards, the project also supports STEM-related education programs. Over 80,000 4th graders have completed the project’s forestry education.

“As stewards of our customers’ mission critical IT ecosystems, Opus Interactive is committed to delivering sustainable IT – from supply chain to architecture design,” says Opus Interactive CEO Shannon Hulbert. “With data center energy use consuming nearly 1% of global electricity demand, the industry is in a position to lead sustainability forward. We work closely with customers and partners to help drive positive change. Are we the world’s most sustainable cloud? I don’t know, but we will continue to do our best to ensure our customers have end-to-end sustainability throughout their IT ecosystem.”

Opus Interactive was named to Portland Business Journal’s list of Oregon’s Most Green Places to work in 2020. In addition to carbon neutral and climate-positive efforts, sustainable IT with Opus Interactive includes:

1. ENERGY STAR hardware: Using efficient hardware uses less energy and has a lower impact on the environment.
2. Right-sized solutions: Tailored hybrid and multi-cloud solutions right sized to workload requirements consolidate the number of machines in each customers IT ecosystem.
3. Efficient cage design: Hot and cold aisle containment paired with efficient cable management maximize efficient energy use in the cage.
4.Continuous optimization: Monitoring the entire IT ecosystem from sensors to satellites, Opus Interactive integrates observability with an AI/ML component that introduces predictive analytics in the ecosystem.

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