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2024 is here. And, whether economics, supply chain, or advances in technology are driving it, companies are reevaluating their IT infrastructure strategies. For many small and large enterprises, transitioning to colocation services are expected to increase in the coming years, delivering significant benefits over hosting onsite including enhanced resilience, relentless security and flexibility to innovate.

A report by Future Market Insights projects the US market size for colocation to grow from $69.7 billion to $279.1 billion in the next 10 years. With escalating demand for robust colocation services, identifying the right provider is essential. With a customer NPS score of 9.4, our dependable, customizable colocation services ensure you’re future-ready with a superior customer experience far beyond 2024.

Defining Colocation (Colo) Services

Colocation services involve housing your IT equipment, including services, switches, routers etc. in a leased third-party hosting facility within a dedicated offsite data center location rather than owning and maintaining a datacenter on-premises.

Colocation services frees up your team and budget. Space, power, cooling, monitoring, and maintenance are handled by expert providers in purpose built facilities, enhancing maximum uptime and allowing your technical talent to concentrate on your core business and enabling applications and workloads that drive revenue.

Advancing Business Goals with Colocation Data Centers

Thanks to purpose-built data centers, colocation services deliver advantages over handling complicated infrastructure internally for most companies. Benefits of utilizing third-party colocation data centers includes:

  • Bolstering resilience and minimizing disruptions from power loss, network failures or natural disasters via redundant infrastructure
  • Physical security protections through restricted facility access, surveillance systems, and onsite security personnel
  • Cybersecurity resources and talent to detect and deter external threats to vital IT systems
  • Improving staff productivity by offloading infrastructure burdens enabling focusing on forward business initiatives
  • Facilitating convenient system maintenance with remote hands colocation support
  • Financial savings not having to invest capital building and operating private data centers

Colocation Services Pricing Offers Key Advantages

Colocation services offer a level of cost-effectiveness as opposed to self-housing, as they allow businesses to utilize state-of-the-art facilities without the need for large upfront investments in building and maintaining their own data centers. This cost efficiency is a key factor that your organization should consider when opting for colocation data center services.

In addition, organizations that take advantage of colocation centers avoid the constant budgetary demands in increasing technological advances. New server and storage technology requires consistently more power and air-conditioning to operate, and the costs of continuously refurbishing to upgrade IT environments can be cost-prohibitive.

Why Organizations Choose Our Purpose-Built Colocation Data Centers

Companies take advantage of colocation service pricing so they can leverage their existing investment in server hardware and physical assets. Organizations that seek to deploy hybrid cloud/physical solutions also find colocation services offer a cost effective route to deployment and path to the cloud. Exacting organizations choose our colocation data centers due to factors such as:

Enhanced Security, Compliance, and Support

The ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats makes data security a top priority. At Opus Interactive, we understand this concern and implement robust security measures to safeguard client data. In most instances, there are eight multi authentication checkpoints to reach the cage layer where your equipment will live. Once inside the cage, we offer a range of added security options for your infrastructure, including secure cabinets, monitoring, MDR, and backup services.

Third-party audits and compliance exists around the facilities as well as the hybrid and multicloud services we provide. From FISMA-high ratings to Net-Zero facilities and everything in between, we have strategically selected locations that meet the needs of enterprise customers.

We are dedicated to delivering superior customer experiences and provide 24x7x365 support, offering assistance via Remote Hands/Smart Hands with:

  • Installation of equipment
  • Network configuration/troubleshooting
  • Server builds
  • OS load/builds
  • NPS 9.409
  • 95.6% CSAT

Click to download the case study for enterprise colocation services with Opus Interactive.

State-of-the-Art Data Centers

Our network of Tier III+ certified facilities across prime geographies leverage state-of-the-art power management technologies with sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems upholding ideal temperature and humidity. Opus Interactive’s stringent site selection criteria assures the gold standard for minimizing downtime risks. Our colocation service data centers are carefully selected to ensure your business receives unprecedented levels of security, energy efficiency, and connectivity needed. Each data center provides your company with:

  •  100% uptime and SLA guarantees
  •  Regional and energy grid redundancy
  •  Public cloud on-ramps and global connectivity
  •  Low-cost reliable power
  •  Flexible solutions
  •  Remote Hands / Smart Hands support

With three strategically selected data centers in the Eastern, Western, and Texas Interconnect energy grids, Opus Interactive provides you the highest level of security, uptime, and reliability. Learn more about our individual facilities here:

Risk Mitigation

Opus Interactive makes housing your IT equipment in a secure colocation environment an easy choice as it allows your business to be far less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems. By delegating risk mitigation to a data center provider like us, your company ultimately removes a vast majority of the pressure off internal resources while ensuring experienced IT equipment management is employed.

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Premium Bandwidth and Connectivity, Ultra Low Latency

Our colocation data center services permit clients selecting connectivity routes optimally aligned to use case needs leveraging preferred carriers. We purposely select locations known for being the most connected on the planet. Our interconnected locations at Opus Interactive offer connectivity and proximity to carrier hotels, submarine cable access, and on-ramps to public cloud providers.

Scalability and Flexibility with Low-Cost Colocation Services Pricing

We provide custom solutions tailored to fit your business needs now and in the future, allowing you to expand your company’s IT infrastructure seamlessly as your needs grow, and we do it at low-cost while also providing our Money-back SLA 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. This flexibility is crucial in today’s dynamic business environment, where adaptability and low cost colocation services pricing is a key factor for success.

Why Choose Opus Interactive Colocation Services in 2024?

Colocation services continue to be a strategic choice for businesses seeking reliable, scalable, and secure hosting solutions. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age in 2024, the role of colocation in supporting business growth and sustainability becomes increasingly significant.

Opus Interactive’s focus on reliability, sustainability, and state-of-the-art knowledge and support provide your company compelling reasons to choose colocation services as their preferred hosting solution. Opus Interactive collocation services are also backed by SLA guarantees.

Map of colocation services locations for Opus Interactive

When considering colocation services in 2024, it’s not just about finding a provider; it’s about choosing a partner that aligns with your business goals and values. By partnering with Opus Interactive for your colocation service needs, your business can focus on innovation and growth, knowing that your critical IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

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