Opus Interactive offers NWAX at both its Downtown Portland and Hillsboro Data Centers

PORTLAND, OR – February 2017 – Opus Interactive is now offering the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX) Peering Fabric at its Downtown Portland and Hillsboro Data Centers. NWAX gives Opus Interactive clients direct access to all 82 NWAX member networks.

“Offering NWAX is a huge benefit to in-region customers because it allows them the ability to connect directly with other member customers to deliver a faster and more seemless experience,” says Opus Interactive CEO Eric Hulbert, “With data accumulating worldwide, and fast transfer requirements growing, anything you can do to reduce the time it takes to do business, the better. NWAX provides that solution.”

NWAX is a vendor neutral Internet exchange based in Portland Oregon, which currently serves public and private networks. The goal of NWAX is to improve the quality of the Internet in the region by keeping local traffic local. Participating networks peer with each other across the NWAX network fabric and take part in the regional economy. “We are excited to be adding another extension switch at the Opus downtown datacenter”, said Eric Rosenberry, NWAX President, “which brings our total site count to six”

NWAX offers a number of benefits including:

  • Keeping local traffic from having to leave Oregon
  • Minimizing latency, jitter & packet loss (great for VoIP & Video conferencing)
  • Reducing router/transport hops = greater reliability
  • Maximizing bandwidth – LAN speed local interconnects 1G and 10G
  • Reducing costs for members by avoiding transit costs for traffic between member networks
  • Improving regional fault tolerance (i.e. if long-haul links out of Portland are severed/degraded, traffic can still flow locally uninterrupted)
  • Providing additional traffic interconnect location to provide redundancy for other regional peering fabrics
  • Build a sense of network community here in Oregon (i.e. the social aspect of peering)

About Opus Interactive
Founded in 1996, Opus Interactive has earned a reputation for custom IT solutions that fit unique requirements for security, scalability, cost, and future growth needs of its customers. An accredited member of the International Managed Services Provider Alliance, the Company operates from Tier III+ data centers located in Hillsboro, Portland, Dallas, and Northern Virginia. Through close partnerships with industry-leaders and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Opus delivers custom solutions for Cloud Hosting & IaaS, Colocation, DRaaS & Backup, Object Storage, VDI, and Public Cloud Monitoring & Management.

Opus Interactive is a woman and minority-owned enterprise that has worked closely with VMware and HPE partnership programs since 2005. With past performance that includes more than 20 years of proven results and current compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP Moderate Ready and SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II, OPUS helps customers reduce cost and optimize resources using efficient operations.

For more information about Opus Interactive, visit www.opusinteractive.com.





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