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International women

In celebration of International Women In Engineering Day 2023 we’ve compiled a list of FREE training resources to systems and network engineering careers.

At Opus Interactive, connecting people with technology is our mission. In that pursuit, we passionately advocate for providing more opportunity for women in the space. This is important because, despite making up more than have of the workforce, just 24.2% of bachelor’s degrees in engineering were earned by women in 2020. Women of Color earned 9.6% of the total engineering degrees. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for everyone, and it has had a disproportionate effect on women due to the added stress of juggling work and family responsibilities. According to Nancy Rothbard, a professor in the Wharton School who studies work-life balance, “Women with young children especially have experienced an extra set of stressors that have made this period even more difficult.”

As we look towards the future of the engineering, technology, and computing industries, it is evident that there will be plenty of job opportunities available. In fact, according to current predictions, over the next decade these fields are estimated to experience a total growth of 20%. Specifically, engineering occupations are expected to see an increase in jobs by 5%, engineering technology occupations by 2%, and computing occupations by an impressive 13%. With such a strong demand for professionals in these areas, this is an ideal time to become certified or start training for one of these sought-after career paths.

FREE Training Resources

Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services [FREE]

Introduction to Cloud Computing [Free Coursera Course]

GCP — Google Cloud Platform Concepts [Udemy Free Course]

Learning Microsoft Azure [Udemy Free Course]

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing [Pluralsight Free Course]

A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing [FREE Resource]

Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing [Free]

Cloud Computing: The Technical essentials [FREE Course]

Cloud Computing Full Course In 11 Hours | Cloud Computing Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka

Zero to Hero in Cloud computing Essentials With Azure

Additional careers in engineering include:


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