Virtual Private Data Center

Opus Interactive offers you a Virtual Private Data Center, an enterprise-strength, advanced hosting solution that eliminates the need for datacenter co-location, private racks and managed hosting services by enabling users to assemble, deploy, monitor and manage all their infrastructure and applications using only a browser.


Enjoy all of the benefits of cloud computing from your browser without sharing resources. You’ll have all the benefits of Cloud computing – reduced hardware failure risk and access to on demand resources – with the added assurance of have your data stored in a private, secure environment. No need to worry about technology hardware or software, or the overhead needed to run and maintain them.


Are you a developer? Do you create software applications? The Virtual Data Center is the perfect environment for you. We can take almost any application and turn it into a SaaS offering (software-as-a-service), eliminating costly deployment and upkeep requirements.


  • Leverages industry leading AppLogic technology from 3tera, or VMware vSphere
  • Deploy existing web applications on the grid without changing your code to work on the providers’ proprietary platform
  • Run multiple web applications on the same server
  • Scale each application from a fraction of a server up to the whole grid
  • Manage whole racks of servers easier than a single server
  • Handle hardware failures automatically without losing data
  • Add or remove servers and storage without disrupting applications
  • Manage all applications, servers and storage with just a browser
  • Turn any software-based application in a SaaS offering


Contact us today and we’ll custom configure your Virtual Data Center.