Virtual Dedicated Services

Opus Interactive is a Portland-based provider of virtualization solutions. With onsite virtualization engineers, we can configure nearly every imaginable virtual hosting solution for nearly any challenge. We can offer numerous configurations of Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), a fully-managed virtual hosting solution that runs on VMware. We can also provide Virtual Private Servers (VPS), a self-managed virtual hosting package that runs on an open source environment with OpenVZ.


For those folks that want to utilize virtual servers, but have too much invested in their own hardware, we’ve got a solution for that as well. Colocate your equipment with us and we can rent you VMware licensing at any level. You’ll realize all the benefits of VMware virtualization without the costly upfront capex licensing requirements.


Explore our cloud hosting platforms and our Virtual Private Data Center. We’ll design the right solution for your hosting needs.


Download Virtual Hosting Solution Brief