8135 NE Evergreen Parkway, Suite 1220, Hillsboro, OR 97124

400 S. Akard Dallas, TX 7520

11680 Hayden Rd Manassas, VA 20109

Eight Authentication Points to Reach the Cage Layer - THAT's secure.

Opus Interactive’s state-of-the-art data centers are carefully selected for their ability to deliver the unprecedented levels of security, energy efficiency, and connectivity needed to get your workloads where you need, when you need, how you need.

100% Uptime

Public Cloud On-Ramps and Global Connectivity

Low-Cost Reliable Power

Flexible Solutions

RemoteHands / SmartHands support

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Manassas data center

When you select Opus as your partner, you get the best in price, performance, and reliability without the build cost.

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Network Connectivity

We select locations known for being the most connected on the planet. Located in areas along major fiber transport routes, our interconnected locations offer connectivity and proximity to carrier hotels, submarine cable access, and on-ramps to public cloud providers.

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Security & Compliance

Our data centers are backed by third-party compliance and known for multiple layers and methods of authentication, access, control, and surveillance to keep your data and critical infrastructure secure.

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Geographic Location

Our world class data centers are located in the safest areas of the nation. Selected from regions that are low risk from natural disasters, each location is equipped to ensure reliable up-time for your business needs.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, PPAs, and energy management strategies ensure optimized performance and sustainability. Our facilities have been carefully selected for their proactive energy procurement and long-term energy use strategies that help ensure stable energy costs and environmental stewardship.

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Low-Cost Reliable Power

We’ve selected data centers in 3 separate power grids to ensure our customers have continuous access to the nation’s lowest power costs. For further reliability, each facility is built with redundant power delivery and stringent backup protocols.

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Proven Reliability

As stewards to the important work of our customers, we look for best in class offerings as well as partner reputation for proven reliability and support.

Data Center Resources


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Selecting YOUR Data Center Partner

We want you to end up with the right partner so we’ve compiled a checklist of options to weigh as you search for the right space.

Protecting Your Infrastructure Assets

We offer increased physical IT security to the cabinet level with multi-factor cabinet access with E-Line by Dirak.

Ensure reliability and performance with purpose-built facilitiesselected to support the most critical of workloads.