Opus Interactive Billing


By creating an account with Opus Interactive, client agrees to provide Opus Interactive with complete and accurate billing information at the time the account is created. Client also agrees to update this information within 30 days of any change. Billing information includes client’s legal name, physical address/mailing address, and telephone number, and a valid email address that client checks on a regular basis. Providing false or misleading billing information shall be cause for immediate and permanent termination of the account. Client agrees that he/she is responsible for making payment in full including any applicable sales tax to Opus Interactive for any account that the client has opened. Once an account has been opened it is deemed “active” whether or not the account is being used. Invoicing and services will remain “active” until the client has properly cancelled the account (see below: Canceling Accounts).


Online Secure Account Center:


Secure online access to client account information is available for checking account billing and payment history as well as making credit card payments. Login to the Secure Account Center is the email address we have on file for Client’s account. If we do not have a current email address on file, it can be updated online from the Account Services page of this web site.




Opus Interactive invoices its clients on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Each invoice is for the next period of service, meaning that Opus Interactive pre-bills for the next period of service. There are several methods by which invoices are delivered to the client.


Auto Credit Card Processing



Paper invoices via USPSand email invoices:



Billing Errors:


In the event that an Opus Interactive client receives an errant invoice or does not receive an invoice at all, the client is advised to call or email immediately to rectify the error. An errant invoice or missing invoice does not negate charges for service or change the date for which payment of the service is due. We understand that billing errors can be frustrating and it is our policy to minimize billing errors and to pursue a solution to any billing error immediately.


Methods of Payment:


Opus Interactive prefers automated credit and debit card processing. This ensures timely payment and avoids the hassles of accounts becoming expired for non-payment.


Credit and debit card payments.



Billing Disputes:



Canceling Accounts:


Past Due Accounts: