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Whether you need a single rack, or a full suite, we have the space you need and on-site engineers to keep you online in world class facilities.

We offer our hosting solutions from highly efficient and cost-effective data centers that meet or exceed industry standards in availability, security, connectivity and resilience.

Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro  Data Center

A state-of-the-art Tier III data center offering unprecedented levels of efficiency, inexpensive and reliable power, and the lowest latency to San Jose, Seattle, and Asia in the Pacific Northwest. 


This LEED® Gold Certified facility offers Cloud and Colocation services, including:

  • 99% efficient uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • 1.16 PUE in full economization mode
  • 100% aisle containment
  • 7.9 MW of critical IT load
  • And MORE! (download the Hillsboro Data Center Brochure)

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Portland, OR

Portland Data Center

The downtown Portland data center was purposely built to serve as an endpoint for it’s high-capacity, undersea fiber cable linking the US with Asia. Tier III reliablility in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District.


Considered to be critical National communications infrastructure, the TIA942 and LEED® Silver Certified facility is designed to remain online and operational in multitudes of potential adverse events.

This facility features:

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San Jose, CA

San Jose Data Center

The most technically advanced, energy-efficient, high-density data center in the Bay Area. This Tier III data center has provided 100% reliability with no service outages since inception.

Our cloud and colocation services provide consistent delivery, allowing you to scale seamlessly as your needs develop. The San Jose facility is LEED Gold Certified and meets or exceeds the toughest of industry standards for data centers in all operational categories of availability, security, connectivity, and physical resilience.

This Tier III facility offers the lowest power costs in Silicon Valley, plus:

  • 2N and N+1 redundancy throughout
  • 9.3 MW of Power
  • Unmatched availability history – 100% uptime guarantee

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Dallas, TX

Dallas Data Center

100% uptime availability of data, applications and deployed infrastructure, in the historic former Federal Reserve Bank Building in downtown Dallas.

The facility’s robust mechanical plant systems are completely scalable and designed to serve the entire building easily, even under 100% occupancy by the most demanding high-density tenants.

Features include:

  • 2N redundancy
  • 150,000 sq ft. facility
  • Multi-level physical security and secure freight delivery and storage/staging areas

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  • Geographic Location
    We operate from 4 world class facilities in regions that aren’t susceptible to natural disasters. Our data centers are easy to get to from anywhere and build to expand with your business growth.
  • Security
    Our data centers offer multiple layers and methods of authentication, access, control, and surveillance to keep your data and critical infrastructure secure.
  • Network
    We use the best equipment available in our data centers. We configure all our networking infrastructure to be fully redundant at every layer allowing us to be 100% concurrently maintainable.
  • Connection Redundancy
    We utilize multiple Internet backbone providers in a multi-homed architecture, using the BGP protocol to determine fastest Internet routes. If one provider becomes unavailable, the others assume the traffic until capacity is restored. Peering arrangements and this level of redundancy ensures the highest level of network availability for our customers. Additionally, we use Hot Swap Router Protocol (HSRP) on our core routers to provide equipment failover in our Cisco core.
  • Low-Cost Reliable Power
    We offer low-cost redundant and conditioned power. Our modular high-efficiency UPS infrastructure and on-site diesel backup power generator with fuel storage ensure you have continuous power at an affordable cost. Our fuel capacity of 28,000 gallons of diesel allows us over 72 hours of run time at full load before re-fueling is required.  Our contracts with our two fueling providers guaranteed refueling within 4 hours. We have a total of 8MW provisioned to our facility configured for 2N redundancy at every layer.
  • Monitoring
    Opus Interactive offers you advanced monitoring solutions for all aspects of service level management.  We also offer full transactional monitoring from multiple locations throughout the world and provide full SNMP monitoring, in-depth cloud hosting monitoring including deep monitoring expertise with VMware.

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