Unix Web Hosting Company

Opus Interactive: A Leading UNIX Web Hosting Company


Opus Interactive wants to help your business grow and succeed by providing you with the best in technology no matter if you are a company of one or one hundred. We are also a UNIX web hosting company for our clients who operate on a UNIX system.


Opus Interactive offers clients the best in advanced technology solutions for their business. We understand our clients and get to know their needs and demands. In today’s fast pace technology world, we do not want anyone to be left behind.


To help our clients keep up with the ever changing world of technology, we offer the following services customized on an individual basis to provide unsurpassed quality


  • OpusCloud™ Virtual Servers
  • Web hosting – all levels of web hosting
  • Unix web hosting services
  • Dedicated server – customized to the needs of your business
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – vCloud powered
  • Firewalls – to keep your business protected
  • SAN Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Co-location
  • Custom Solutions
  • Data backup and recovery – all levels
  • Load balancers – powered by Riverbed
  • Spam and virus filters – to keep your information secure and spam free


Opus Interactive understands the importance of relying on technology to meet the demands of everyday business and we deliver the reliability and speed that our clients require. We also reach out to clients who use the UNIX operating system by also being a UNIX web hosting company.


At Opus Interactive our products are not one size fits all. We work with each individual client to decide what products and services they need to meet their technology needs.


If you are ready to start growing your business, contact us at Opus Interactive today and take charge of the future of your business.