Linux Dedicated Servers

Opus Interactive’s Dedicated Linux Server Hosting Plan


When it comes to dedicated servers, it just does not get any better than Linux dedicated servers. With all of the choices available out there, it is important to consider dedicated Linux server hosting. Linux has quickly cornered the market and become one of the world’s most secure, most trusted, and most reliable server operating system.


Opus Interactive is committed to offering you the top dedicated web hosting Linux has available. Your business will benefit from this winning combination in many ways, including:


  • The web applications for Linux dedicated servers are easy to obtain, making deployment seamless
  • Dedicated Linux server hosting is extremely affordable, lowering IT expenditure
  • We have a team of seasoned professionals to implement and maintain your server while offering other professional services and advice
  • Configurations can be customized to meet your exact business needs
  • We can create an infrastructure that can handle the most demanding applications and heavy spikes in traffic volume
  • We’re Always On™, so we are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Linux dedicated servers provide more speed, more reliability, and more storage than ever before, all in an extremely secure environment. Opus Interactive takes care of all the set up, details, and on-going monitoring, without the hassle of support contracts.


Contact us today for dedicated web hosting from Linux and let us get your business on the right track.