Hosted Dedicated Server

Hosted Dedicated Server and Full Managed Web Site Hosting


A hosted dedicated server from Opus Interactive allows you the freedom and security of having your very own hardware, customized to your specific needs. Leasing a secure dedicated server has never been simpler or more effective than right now. Enjoy optimal performance while we manage your existing server and customize an infrastructure solution to meet your exact business needs.


We create dedicated web server hosting to maximize uptime and efficiencies while allowing you to choose the right combination of managed dedicated server technologies. For the best value in hosting, turn to Opus Interactive for all of your hosted dedicated server needs.


With an Opus Interactive hosted dedicated server, you can enjoy:


  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Secure business critical applications
  • Unsurpassed network capabilities
  • Top quality computing infrastructures
  • …and much more


Because every secure dedicated server customer has his or her own unique needs, Opus Interactive works closely with you to strategically create your dedicated web server hosting package. We provide the ultimate hosting solution for Windows, Linux, and Unix. We give you the freedom to control your IT needs in a stable and secure dedicated server environment. If you need outstanding performance and capabilities for peak server workloads, we will be your server. And we’re Always on.


Contact us right now for your hosted dedicated server needs and put great performance on your agenda.