Grid Hosting Solutions

Grid Hosting Solutions that Offer Dynamic Scalability and Other Powerful and Effective Managed Web Hosting Services


Imagine grid hosting solutions offering hundreds of servers operating successfully and efficiently, in tandem, for your website applications and email accounts. Imagine hosted grid solutions possessing dynamic scalability that automatically increase to support any load level, handle multiple traffic spikes, with the battle-tested, proven power of multiple servers working just for you.


If it sounds like we have our head in the clouds, it’s true. Figuratively speaking, that is.


With Opus Interactive’s grid hosting, you get actual server clusters that allow for the advantages of enterprise level infrastructure at affordable pricing. It just does not get better than that. Hosted grid solutions are the best means of supporting large traffic bursts that you will receive as your business grows.


As your business moves into the Web 2.0 and 3.0 arenas, these bursts will come through your blogs and various social bookmarking sites. Grid hosting solutions also allow for more bandwidth and disk space that help support your growing business. It is all about the growth and expansion of your business. That is what we are here for. And we are Always On.


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