Business Spam Filter

Business Spam Filtering From Portland Based Opus Interactive


Business spam filtering saves you from having your emails, IMs, and IT infrastructure bombarded with unsolicited marketing campaigns, sales tactics, viruses, and security threats. The proper filter even helps to prevent data infiltration and leaks. If you are seeking spam & virus filtering services, you’re in the right place. Opus Interactive is Always On and we hate spam just as much as you do, which is why we use MailGate anti-spam filtering technology.


We offer integrated mail and IT protection against virus threats, security risks, and spam. Our Portland based spam filtering services will keep your email and messaging systems protected preventing penetration into your IT infrastructure.

A business spam filter from Opus Interactive includes:


  • the prevention of spam, viruses, phishing, and other unwarranted attacks that risk the safety of your IT environment
  • a world-class data center and top notch, expert IT professionals
  • a safer, more pleasant working environment for your employees
  • the ability to let individual employees easily manage spam while keeping your corporate email policies and image in tact
  • guaranteed email arrivals, without delay
  • constant 24/7 monitoring done by our team of professionals


We ensure you keep the emails coming in that you want while we remove the emails you do not want. Did you know this actually saves you money as it prevents you from having to pay your employees to sit and delete spam as they try to route through the mess to get to their important emails? A business spam filter from Opus Interactive keeps your work environment not only safe, but efficient.

Contact us today so we can stop the spam and keep you and your employees focused on your business.