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Cloud backup made easy. Ensure total protection and availability of all your business critical information.

OpusBackup Enables you to Easily Backup and Retrieve Data from your Location to the Cloud.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing additional storage sites or tape
reinforcements. OpusBackup, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, makes getting your
backups off site to a secure cloud environment as simple one click,without the cost and
complexity of building and maintaining an off site infrastructure.

A Seamless, Efficient, and Secure Disaster Recovery Solution that Safeguards your Company from Data Loss.

Loss of critical data can come from a number of places – computer crashes, virus infection, hard drive failure, physical hardware damage, power outages, and more. A backup solution can save downtime and costs associated with data loss, keeping your information online and accessible.

The 3-2-1 rule states that you need to keep three copies of your data, stored on two types of media, with one copy being off site. Getting backups off site can be challenging due to limited bandwidth, exploding data volumes and a lack of resources required to build or maintain a true off site backup repository.

With OpusBackup, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, you can master the 3-2-1 rule without dumping money and resources into a second site or adding bandwidth.

OpusBackup makes backup easy and secure with:
Hosted off-site backups
Complete visibility and control
A modern backup architecture hosted in a state-of-the-art facility
End-to-end encryption
Licensing included

Download the Opus Veeam Cloud Connect Brochure to learn more.

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You can start replicating VMs to Opus Interactive today in 3 easy steps:
1. Sign up with Opus Interactive! We’ll provide you with credentials to use our service.
2. Click “Add Service Provider” from your Veeam console and enter the credentials provided.
3. Your cloud hosts will appear immediately in your Veeam infrastructure.

That’s it! There’s no VPN, no separate console, and cloud hosts work like other replication targets – except you can provision them on demand and without having to maintain a second site.

Seamless — Use your OpusCloud repository like a local backup repository. Simply open your on-premise Veeam Cloud Connect console and make your cloud repository a target for any backup or backup copy job.
Efficient — Leverages forever-incremental backups, in-cloud synthetic fulls, Built-in WAN Acceleration and more to minimize data transfer while maximizing restore points. Get your backups off site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth.
Secure — Rest easy by encrypting your backup at source, in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting data transfer to the cloud (thanks to content-aware
compression and WAN Acceleration). Multi-tenant capabilities also ensure that your data is as safe and confidential as it would be in your own dedicated offsite repository.

Hosted offsite backups
Get your physical and virtual backups offsite to a hosted OpusCloud repository through a secure SSL connection with no additional Veeam licensing required.
Complete visibility and control
Access and recover data from the OpusCloud backup repositories directly using the backup console; track OpusCloud repository consumption and receive reminders for hosted storage renewals.
A modern backup architecture hosted in a state-of-the-art facility
Leverage the modern technology of OpusBackup, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect. This powerful and reliable solution includes Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN
Acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and more—all built into a single product hosted inside of a tier III datacenter with 24/7/365 security and availability.
End-to-end encryption
Rest easy by encrypting all data at source (before it leaves your network perimeter), in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in compression and WAN Acceleration.

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Needs vary for each customer. With more than two decades of experience hosting and managing critical IT infrastructures, we're committed to building the right solution to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

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why customers choose Opus InteractiveWhether you’re just starting out, or exploring solutions to allow you to focus more intently on your core business, Opus Interactive offers a range of benefits for your business.

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Opus Interactive combines leading class facilities with our own highly resilient network to offer a reliable environment for your IT infrastructure.

Customer Experience

From CEO to support technician, our team is made up of experts that are dedicated to delivering what you need, when you need it.

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