Virtual Dedicated Services

Opus Interactive is the only independently owned, Portland-based provider of virtualization solutions. With onsite virtualization engineers, we can configure nearly every imaginable virtual hosting solution for nearly any challenge. learn more


We can provide colocation from one shared rack unit (1U) to multiple dedicated cabinets of hardware to cages or suites. Our cabinets can fit any server from HP, Dell, IBM or even Apple, and can accommodate shelving for legacy servers. learn more

Dedicated Servers

Some of our clients require a dedicated server but don’t have the capacity, expertise, or time to manage a server in-house. Renting one of our servers is a secure and cost-effective solution. learn more


Website Hosting

With Basic, Business, and Pro Business web hosting packages to choose from, we'll be sure to meet your shared hosting needs. Explore these packages below. learn more


Content Management Systems (CMS) Hosting

We provide hosting solutions for Sitecore, Ektron, Sitefinity, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Cloud Four, SharePoint and Concrete5 CMS implementations. We have extensive experience in the managed hosting of these solutions in shared, dedicated and cloud hosting environments.  We have been providing and supporting the hosting solutions around these CMS platforms since our inception in 1994.  Contact Us today to inquire about a hosting solution for your selected CMS platform!